Getting Started

Parental Control Services for Mobile Devices

Learning About ParSon

Can I try ParSon for free?

You sure can!

ParSon is a free service for ONE device.

The ParSon Free account is a restricted account, that allows you to active 1 devices and uses the “Free Time”.

What mobile devices can I manage with ParSon?

Managed devices can only on iOS or Android platform.

After pairing the kid’s device, you will need to install ParSon Kid app on the kid’s device.


  • iOS devices – e.g. iPad, iPhone (iOS 9.3.5+ required)
  • After pairing, go to Settings > General > Device Management > ParSon MDM > Install.

Please note ParSon does not offer management of:

  • Gaming Consoles (eg. Switch, XBox, PlayStation)
  • Laptops or Computers
  • Windows or Kindle Fire devices

What level of usage detail can ParSon see?

ParSon can only see timestamp where the kid is near your preset locations, and add, update or remove Apps.

Please go to Log to check the activities.

Signing Up

ParSon Parent & Kid

It’s important to understand that ParSon has two separate applications:

  • ParSon Parent

    • installed on parent’s device (Android Only)
    • help parents to manage the target device
  • ParSon Kid

    • installed on any iOS or Android target devices that parents want to manage
    • show the remaining Screen Time Allowance to kids
    • allow target device to send location updates to your parent device

*If your child deletes the ParSon Kid app from their iOS device, you are still able to continue management.