Pairing Devices

Parental Control Services for Mobile Devices

Pairing Devices

How to pair “Android” device on ParSon

  1. On PARENT’s Device
    1. Open & login ParSon (Parent) app
    2. Tap ” + “ in device page
    3. Tap “How to prepare your kid’s device” link
    4. Open QR code reader on your kid’s device and scan the QR code.
    5. Follow the instructions to install ParSon Kid on your kid’s device.
    6. Please allow permission and location services for ParSon
  2. Go to KID’s Device
    1. Open ParSon Kid app
    2. Tap “Device Authorisation”
    3. Tap “Activate”
    4. “Confirm” the T&C
    5. Tap “Device Enrolment”
    6. “Confirm” Default Setting
    7. A device code will appear
  3. Back to PARENT’s Device
    1. Enter “DEVICE DOE” in ParSon (Parent) app
    2. Tap “PAIR”

Pairing Questions

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